There have been several deaths in small boats in recent years & numerous near misses. Small boats also have a reputation for boating in small rivers that have no legal uplifting. Please respect the rules.

WattsCraft believes we make one of the most safe & forgiving small boats. However, river jet boating is a risky activity and any boat can roll over or cause injury. Please drive your boat within you abilities & the rules. Boaters should seek as much information as possible.


Steering & control

Jet boats require engine power to turn. The engine, throttle linkage & steering linkage must all function to have any control over the boat. Drive defensively at all times; do not rely on being able to avoid obstacles at the last minute.

You & anyone who drives the boat must understand how to control the boat before driving the boat, especially around people & obstacles.

The control linkages & engine should be checked before every use & maintained well.

Loading passengers & gear

The position of the passengers & gear will have a big effect on the centre of gravity of a small light boat. Having weight too far forward or too high can effect handling & increase the risk of roll over. Load heavy items as low as possible. If you are loading heavy items on top of the boat drive the boat with additional caution.