DSPA Automatic fire suppression


DSPA in action

THE DSPA fire suppression system is an automatic fire extinguisher and suppression system for un occupied spaces like engine bays.

A DSPA generator is installed inside a room or compartment that requires protection. After activation, an aerosol cloud is generated, which expands rapidly, flooding the space and extinguishing the fire. It works with most fires including flammable liquids (petrol).

We think these are a very good idea in an inboard jet boat, especially one that is used further than an easy swimming distance from shore. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Simple - no pressurised parts, no moving parts, no maintenance,

  • Light ~1kg

  • Easy to install, bolt the unit and thermo-cord fuse above the fuel tank and engine

  • Unit will work under water once activated, fuse cord highly water resistant (obviously dont install it where it wont dry out after splashes etc)

  • Unit will self-activate when flames touch fuse cord or unit itself goes over 250 degrees

  • In addition to the fuse they can be wired to activate via a switch on dash

  • Way more effective than the hand-held extinguishers in a fuel fire (especially the tiny ones found on most boats)

  • No need to risk opening the engine cover to try put out a fire

  • Works automatically even when the boat is stored, used overnight or being towed

  • Maritime NZ certified

  • Non-toxic and just a small amount of dust to clean up after activation (no messy foam or dry powder)

DSPA 11-2 kit, river/lake boats under 5m and normal use ~ $445 + GST (if applicable)

DSPA 11-3 kit, bigger boats and/or offshore use ~ $544 + GST (if applicable)

Basic kit includes:

  • DSPA unit

  • 1m of fuse cord

  • Fuse housing spring