3m River jet boat

Price range: $25-35,000 incl GST

The original WattsCraft. Small, light & will take you further up a small rocky rivers than any other boat.

These will carry take two people + gear for adventure boating. They can carry three people no problem in easier rivers. Bigger guys may want to opt for the upper end of the hp range.

We use light weight jetski engines with 80-120hp to give the best performance. These are typically Yamaha or Kawasaki two-strokes. Our 3m boats are roughly 250-300kg without fuel.

We can fit a 10mm UHMWPE plastic keel plate. This plastic slides easily over gravel & rocks.

Hull specs (Read our about section regarding hull design, handling & components):

  • 3m long, 1.3m @ chine, 12 Degree constant dead-rise
  • 6mm one piece hull, two stringers, bow stem stringer & footrest bulkhead
  • 3mm Topsides
  • All 5083 Aluminium, CNC router cut

Optional extras:

  • 10mm UHMWPE keel plate
  • Split duct reverse bucket & SSS Engineering controls
  • Reverse bow & rear step
  • Upholstery
  • Hardwood ply floor
  • Marine carpet
  • Aluminium trailer
  • Bow handrails
  • Bow compartment & hatch
  • Foot throttle
  • and more...