3.6m River jet boat

Price range: ~$25-55,000NZD incl GST

A 3.6m jet boat for adventure boating. This hull is a great option for a small boat that can still be used to carry friends, family or gear when the need arises.

This hull is the one if you want a small car engine (such as a Suzuki M series, Toyota Yaris etc) or a 120hp+ jetski engine.

These will take three people + gear for adventure boating. Small back seat(s) beside the engine are also a possibility in this hull.

Hull specs (Read our about section regarding hull design, handling & components):

  • 3.6m long, 1.45m @ chine, 12 Degree constant dead-rise
  • 10mm keel running up into bow section, 5mm outer hull panels
  • Four 5mm stringers & footrest bulkhead
  • 3mm Topsides
  • All 5083 Aluminium, CNC router cut

Optional extras:

  • Split duct reverse bucket & SSS Engineering controls
  • Reverse bow & rear step
  • Upholstery
  • Hardwood ply floor
  • Marine carpet
  • Aluminum trailer
  • Bow handrails
  • Bow compartment & hatch
  • Foot throttle
  • and more..