3.3m River jet boat

Price range: ~$25-45,000NZD incl GST

A 3.3m jet boat for adventure boating and our smallest hull for four-stroke motors. This hull is a great option if you want a small boat but require the space & strength for higher horsepower jet ski engines, 100 - 160hp.

This hull is designed to fit three cylinder jet ski engines engine nicely with ample room for front seats. Light four cylinder jet ski engines like the 15f will fit but we recommend keeping the fit out light for best performance with weight of the the bigger engine.

These will easily carry take two people + gear for adventure boating. They can carry three people in easier rivers.

Hull specs (Read our about section regarding hull design, handling & components):

  • 3.3m long, 1.33m @ chine, 12 Degree constant dead-rise
  • 8mm keel running up into bow section, 5mm outer hull panels
  • Four 5mm stringers & footrest bulkhead
  • 3mm Topsides
  • All 5083 Aluminium, CNC router cut

Optional extras:

  • Split duct reverse bucket & SSS Engineering controls
  • Reverse bow & rear step
  • Upholstery
  • Hardwood ply floor
  • Marine carpet
  • Aluminum trailer
  • Bow handrails
  • Bow compartment & hatch
  • Foot throttle
  • and more...