WattsCraft products, especially Kit-Sets, are designed and tested in order to make them preform well and be as safe as possible for you to enjoy.

Selling Kit-Sets offers the keen DIY boat-builders out there an option to build their own boat from a proven design. However, we also take intellectual property seriously and hope you will too by reading and understanding these terms of sale before purchasing a kit-set.

WattsCraft kit-set terms of sale

1.      Unless agreed otherwise in writing, WattsCraft kit-sets are sold upon the following terms and conditions.

2.      For the purposes of these terms & conditions “kit-set” includes: physical kit-sets & any designs, instructions, data and drawings sent to a customer for the purpose of building a boat from a WattsCraft design.

3.      These terms & conditions apply to both physical kit-sets shipped from WattsCraft & any information sent

Acceptance of terms

4.      Payment for a WattsCraft kit-set will constitute acceptance of these Conditions of Sale.

Kit-sets are for one boat only

5.      Each WattsCraft kit-set is for the construction of ONE (1) vessel only. You must not use the WattsCraft design, instructions data and drawings for the construction of a second or subsequent vessel. Should you wish to build subsequent boats additional kit-sets can be purchased.


6.      You must not copy or reproduce (either in whole or in part) the design, instructions, data, drawings or the aluminum pre-cut templates of WattsCraft kit-sets or other products sold by WattsCraft.

7.      The WattsCraft kit-set contains information that is confidential. You (which includes your employees, agents or sub-contractors) must not disclose our confidential information and you must take all reasonable precautions to keep our confidential information safe and secure.

8.      The WattsCraft design, instructions, data and drawings are supplied to you as a service to support the construction of the WattsCraft vessel. The WattsCraft design, instructions data and drawings are not salable or tradable goods. You must not sell or otherwise dispose of the WattsCraft design, instructions data and drawings. Once the kit-set is finished all design, instructions data & drawings must be deleted or destroyed.

9.      You must not copy (whether by copying onto any other material or reproducing by any other means) the aluminum pre-cut templates for any purpose whatsoever.


10.   You must not modify the WattsCraft kit-set design, instructions data, drawings and the aluminum pre-cut templates, without our prior written consent. Unauthorized modification may result in loss of performance or defects in the vessel produced.

11.   If you wish to make modification to the WattsCraft kit-set design, you must ask us to make those modifications. We may charge a fee to produce a custom WattsCraft kit-set.

12.   We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of or arising from any unauthorized modification of the WattsCraft kit-set or any part of it.

If You Engage a Builder

13.   You must tell us if you engage (or intend to engage) someone else (“your Builder”) to build the WattsCraft boat.

14.   You must provide us with your Builder’s details.

15.   Before you deliver the WattsCraft kit-set or any part of it to your Builder you must:

a.      get your Builder’s written acknowledgment of these Conditions of Sale; and

b.      provide us with a true copy of your Builder’s written acknowledgment.

16.   Only when we confirm receipt of your Builder’s written acknowledgment of the Conditions of Sale can you deliver the WattsCraft kit-set, or any part of it, to your Builder.

You Are Responsible For Your Builder

17.   You are responsible for your Builder’s performance and for your Builder’s compliance with these Conditions of Sale.

18.   You are liable to us for any loss or damage we suffer as a result of your Builder’s breach of these Conditions of Sale.


19.   You will indemnify us against any claim, action or demand for loss or damage arising from or as a result of, our supply of the WattsCraft kit-set to you, except to the extent of that the loss or damage is caused by our negligence.

Payment for WattsCraft kit-set

20.   You must pay the full purchase price of the WattsCraft kit-set when you place an order.

21.   You must pay any applicable charges (bank fee, PayPal fee, etc).

Transport and Delivery

22.   You must inspect the WattsCraft kit-set immediately when it is delivered to your nominated destination address and you must notify us immediately of any damage.

23.   Except as provided for in these Conditions of Sale, we accept no liability for damage or loss suffered by you once the WattsCraft kit-set is delivered to your nominated destination address.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

24.   In case of a dispute in relation to these Conditions of Sale, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand.

25.   The laws of New Zealand govern these Conditions of Sale.


26.   If any part of these Conditions of Sale is found to be void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of these Conditions of Sale.