WattsCraft 3.3m river hull kit-set

A really nice size for two-stroke triples. Stronger and more space than the 3m for a very small weight penalty.

Build complexity - 1 2 (3) 4 5



Basic specs:

  • 12 Degree constant dead-rise

  • 8mm delta keel, four stringers, bow stringer, footrest bulkhead. 5mm outers

  • 3mm Topsides

  • All 5083 Aluminium, CNC router cut

  • No jigs required

Suitable engines (Max available engine bay length: ~1.3m from transom to seat):

  • 100hp+ two stroke jetski

  • 100hp+ light four-stroke jetski engines


  • Overall: 3345mm

  • Transom step: additional 350mm


  • Widest point: 1607mm

  • Chine to chine: 1331mm


  • Overall: 931mm

  • Chine to gunwale: 586mm


  • Inside gunwale: 1272mm

  • Transom to dash: 1870mm